About Engiven

The Engiven platform enables nonprofit organizations to securely accept and exchange cryptocurrency donations.

Engiven believes that cryptocurrency is a valuable asset that can benefit the nonprofit community. That’s why we’ve developed an enterprise level donation platform that helps nonprofits add cryptocurrency donations to help fund their causes.  Quite simply, our platform provides a safe and easy path for a 501c3 nonprofit to quickly set up, receive crypto donations and exchange them for fiat (US dollars). Our system verifies the donation on the blockchain and sends the proceeds via bank ACH as a direct deposit into the nonprofit’s bank account. It couldn’t be simpler.

Engiven’s founders have a life-long passion to live at the intersection of technology and doing good. With a diverse set of skills, Engiven’s founders have collaborated on numerous companies and a wide range of technology products. Most recently they developed Mogiv, an early to market online giving application which was acquired in 2016. Now, with the emergence of blockchain-based technologies, they have developed Engiven.

James & Matt (Co-Founders)

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