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Nonprofit Organizations – Add Bitcoin & Ethereum donations to your website today!

Once your nonprofit organization is ready to receive donations on the Engiven Platform, we’ll make your first BTC donation of $100.00 USD.

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The Engiven platform empowers nonprofit organizations to safely & securely accept cryptocurrency donations.

Receive Unlimited Cryptocurrency

Once they become members, nonprofits are not charged any fees to receive cryptocurrencies as donations. They may receive unlimited donations and set up an unlimited number of wallets, used to hold their currencies.

Online Tools To Accept Donations

Engiven will provide access to the online tools necessary to easily accept cryptocurrencies. Our widget provides a safe and easy to use interface where donations can be made directly on your nonprofit website.

Convert Your Crypto Donations to US Dollars

Quickly convert your crypto donations to fiat currency (US Dollars) using the Engiven platform. We’ll send funds via bank ACH directly into your bank account.


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