ENGV Token Sale

The ENGV token is a key aspect of the Engiven cryptocurrency donation platform and our mission to help fund nonprofit missions around the world. If our offering is successfully qualified with the SEC and we conduct a successful Token Generation Event, we will seek to do the following, after appropriate qualifications for each as needed:

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  • 1 To the extent consistent with securities laws and other requirements, each quarter, Engiven expects to allocate ENGV tokens to every nonprofit organization that joins the Engiven Member Network. And, each year we’ll hope to give additional ENGV tokens to our nonprofit members based on the total global circulation of ENGV.
  • 2 To the extent consistent with securities laws and other requirements, each quarter, Engiven expects that each time an ENGV token transaction is registered on the Ethereum blockchain, an amount of tokens will be set aside and given to Engiven Member Network participants. Regardless of how the ENGV token is used in our world, it can ultimately be used for good.
  • 3 To the extent consistent with securities laws and other requirements, Engiven expects to allocate ENGV tokens as part of “matching” program that would enable some Engiven Nonprofit members who receive donations of ENGV to gross up the donation amount they receive.
  • 4 The ENGV Token Sale (ICO) is expected to begin shortly after the Engiven Reg A+ application is successfully qualified with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC does not provide a timeline for their qualification process and there is no guaranty of approval.


  • 30 Million Simple Agreement for Future Tokens
  • 24 Million Initial Coin Offering
  • 100 Million Team Members
  • 300 Million Founders
  • 200 Million Nonprofit Distribution Pool A
  • 200 Million Nonprofit Distribution Pool B
  • 136 Million Reserve A
  • 10 Million Reserve B

About the Token

  • After our initial TGE and then subsequent token generation events, there will be 1 billion ENGV tokens.
  • ENGV is not mineable. 40% of the tokens are reserved and will be created and transferred to Engiven members over time.
  • Below is an overview of the token allocation.
  • Only tokens sold in the SAFT and ICO rounds will be fully unlocked, with the exception of 10 million tokens in Reserve B.

What makes Engiven better?

While the Engiven platform supports all cryptocurrency donations, when non-profit organizations receive gifts of ENGV tokens, they have the opportunity to receive matching grants from Engiven, subject to legal requirements. This effectively increases their net giving. Additionally, Engiven is working with companies whose products support social causes. Purchasing these products with ENGV will not only benefit our non-profit members, but it will generate extra value and savings for the consumer who uses ENGV.

ENGV Token Sale (ICO) Use of Funds

The funds received through the ENGV token sale (ICO) will be allocated as follows (proportions may change based on opportunities and market conditions)

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30% Product Development

Continued development of the Engiven platform including new features, third party APIs, and security enhancements.

Recruit top blockchain, cryptocurrency, and network security experts.

30% Business Development

Expand the Engiven Member Network globally through direct sales, resellers programs, platform partnerships and co-branding opportunities.

Provide blockchain and cryptocurrency education programs to nonprofits and NGOs.

Establish strategic business presences in North America, Europe and Asia.

Partner with socially conscious retail product producers to enable ENGV usage in their ecosystems.

20% Marketing & Communications

Continue to invest in our PR strategies to educate both givers and the nonprofit community about the viability of crypto-giving.

Speak at major crypto conferences.

Provide regular publications of blockchain and cryptocurrency articles through our network and through major news outlets.

10% Legal

Continue to invest in our existing SEC compliance efforts to remain in compliance and stay ahead of the ever-changing compliance regulations and tax requirements.

10% Reserve Funds

Stay up to date with our news & SEC registration.

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