BLVR Announced as Agency of Record

Engiven founders James Lawrence and Matt Hayes have a rich history of working with the BLVR. Over the last ten years, the group has teamed up on a diverse mix of brand development, design, and digital projects for Rock Church in San Diego and their former giving platform, Mogiv. Recently James and Matt enlisted BLVR as the Agency of Record for their new venture, Engiven; a leading cryptocurrency platform that will educate and support nonprofits around the globe.

“This partnership is particularly appealing to the BLVR team in that Engiven has the chance to make such a positive impact for so many NPO’s around the world,” explained BLVR COO Adam McWethy. “It’s been a fun challenge to create a brand within this new financial frontier to stand out and resonate with our core audience of non-profit customers.”

The Engiven visual identity accomplishes just that, with the brand icon serving as a dove-shaped ‘E.’ Utilizing a soothing blue/grey color palette, the brand will stand out and position Engiven to connect to the hearts and minds of their hero (customer’s).

James Lawrence, Co-Founder and CEO said, “Over their 15 year history, BLVR has developed brands for hundreds of for-profit and non-profit organizations. Their work is always exemplary and they have a really clean approach to design. I’m thrilled that we’re partnered up on this venture.”

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